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September 2011 – Illinois Poaching Investigation - Over $18,000 in Fines with Large Contribution Going to Foundation

Sgt. Laura Petreikis, Illinois Conservation Police, began a deer poaching investigation in January 2010 in Mercer County. The investigation stemmed from information obtained from anonymous citizens and an anonymous call to the TIPS Hotline. Four offenders were arrested at the conclusion of the investigation. Through the investigation, the illegal taking/possession of 28 deer, rabbits, raccoons, a great blue heron, and a wild turkey were documented. These offenses occurred from October 2007 - January 2010. The primary offender took animals out of season, from a vehicle, with rifles, without permits, and with the use and aid of lights at night. Much of the deer he poached went to waste and/or was utilized in bait piles to hunt coyotes. He utilized fraudulent landowner deer permits and his father's landowner deer permits. Parts of 11 deer, processed deer meat, hunting and processing equipment, and 6 firearms were seized.

On August 8, 2011, the primary offender pleaded guilty to the following (27 misdemeanors and 1 petty offense) which occurred on separate dates:

  • 12 Counts - Unlawful Possession of an Illegally Taken Deer
  • 4 Counts - Unlawfully Taking A Deer without A Valid Permit (Both Firearm & Archery)
  • 3 Counts - Unlawfully Deer Hunting/ Harassing Wildlife with Use/Aid Of A Motor Vehicle
  • 2 Counts - Unlawfully Taking Deer with an Illegal Method (Rifle)
  • 1 Count - Unlawfully Taking Over the Limit Of Antlered Deer
  • 1 Count - Unlawful Use of Another Individual's Deer Permit
  • 1 Count - Unlawful Use of Fraudulent Deer Permit
  • 1 Count - Falsification of Documents - Harvest Record
  • 1 Count - Unlawfully Taking a Wild Turkey without A Valid Archery Permit
  • 1 Count - Possession of A Freshly Killed Rabbit During A Closed Season
  • 1 Count - Unlawful Taking/ Possession of A Protected Species - Great Blue Heron

The offender was placed on a 48 month probation and 25 years of conditional discharge (to be served consecutively), sentenced to 358 days in jail (stayed), ordered to have a psychological evaluation and any other ordered treatment, and ordered to forfeit all evidence seized. He was ordered to refrain from hunting, participating in a hunting activity or be in the presence of subjects engaged in hunting or hunting activities for 15 years. He was ordered to refrain from possessing a firearm for 25 years. His fines and costs totaled $18,033.00 and included a $10,000.00 donation to the Illinois Conservation Foundation. The cases involving two co-defendants are pending.

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